My business is comprehensive traveller support, from pre-trip advice to looking after lose ends after you leave, and anything in-between. No job too small, few too weird. Think of me as someone who can act as your eyes and ears, hands and feet. I can even do some thinking on your behalf. “Fixer” is one term. “Friend for hire” would apply had I managed to retain some of my former good attitude.

One major change though. In June 2013 I moved to Kandalaksha, Murmansk region, and now I’m busy promoting Kandalaksha to those, for whatever reason, need to visit the cold and humid corner of the empire.

Still, I in most cases I may be able to recommend someone to in Moscow who will make your Russian trip easier, less expensive and more efficient. Whatever it is you need in Russia, you may want to talk to me. The best way to get in touch is by writing to with a copy to

For my full current contact details and the best way to get in touch see


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