Artist Vasily Shul’zhenko (Василий Шульженко) and his Russian gloom

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The point of Shul’zhenko’s art is to capture the essential Russian-ness which of course gets him the russophobe label.

Unlike his namesake Vasily Lozhkin (Василий Ложкин) in Solnechnogorsk MORE>>

Another recommended visa agency

From my mailbox

We are really excited for our trip and got our visas in the mail the other day.  We used and would recommend their services to any other Americans needing Russian visas.

If you only need an invitation talk to me. Also I continue to be in a position to do registrations. $80 per visa. Any time up to the duration of your visa. rediscovered up and active!

While sifting though my old and reworking it into a current and coherent resource I stumbled into the famous Winston Wu’s overview of Russian crime of the sort not normally encountered elsewhere. I followed the link to Winston’s site and was pleased to see it up and active. Still lots on Russia from a Russian bride seeker’s perspective. Putting 

on my list of recommended resources for those who embark upon a pursuit I am very far from recommending. But if you are compelled to do that by forces more powerful than your sense and reason, explore

If you need local assistance I have no choice either but to offer myself in this capacity. Among my services:

  • Compilation of your profile
  • Distribution of it through my personal and professional connections
  • Trips to small towns
  • Facilitation of contacts with small agencies that have real women, not rich foreigner hunters or “travel whore” types
  • Identity checks, interviews, hidden interviews under the guise of present delivery
  • etc. etc., all my old stuff

Pre-trip reading

If you are heading here with intentions more involved that  a few business meetings or doing the Red-Square-Bolshoi-Lenin’s-Tomb-Novodevichy-Sergiev-Posad routine it may be worth it to try to understand how and what we Russians are made of.

May I once again recommend Painted in Blood: Understanding Europeans by Stuart Miller. Although he muses about Europeans from the American viewpoint his observations can be easily applied to understand Russians. MORE>>