Horse riding near Staritsa, Tver region

Horse riding in the Upper Volga hills near Staritsa, Tver region >>

I am no longer actively involved with the project but things seem to be doing quite well without me.


Your last chance to sign up for “Winter is the Soul of Russia”

The next few days is probably your last chance to sign up for a Winter is the Soul of Russia” (c) trip with elements of Misery Tourism” (c).

And dead season, when I can offer my time cheap is nearly over too. Gold Ring, Moscow to St. Petersburg, or a trip to Staritsa along the Old Riga road. It can even be done camping style to save you a bundle on hotels and restaurant meals, and of course to make it more of an “experience”. MORE>>

Street living. A place to clean up in the very center of Moscow.

Whatever the reason you find yourself left on the street. Not being a street living natural you still insist on daily personal hygiene. There are showers in the basement of GUM east side of Red Square. 600 roubles ($20) to access them. From what I hear pretty civilized and comfortable. Once in GUM look for signs to “Исторический туалет” (“historical toilet”).