Horse riding near Staritsa, Tver region

Horse riding in the Upper Volga hills near Staritsa, Tver region >>

I am no longer actively involved with the project but things seem to be doing quite well without me.


WW2 era TT handgun

Yes, the real thing, from 1940s and 50s. The price is a disappointment, with 13800 roubles ($450) for a TT and 19 000 (near $700) for a Nagan revolver. Even worse is that these guns are irreversibly disabled. The barrel is welded shut and two holes are made in the sides in the famous TT. The Nagan revolver, in addition, has cells in the drum filled. All that makes these otherwise beautiful things nothing but a souvenir. Still, a souvenir with a character. If it wasn’t a souvenir possession of one would carry a six year prison term. Yes, possession of an old gun, no ammo, and it is real Russian prison. Or, at best, a colony where you are not quite as confined but still.. If it can make just one shot, it is still counts as a real weapon. Compare 6 years for possession a toy to 7 years for hijacking a plane according to a price list posted in Domodedovo in the check in area! Where was I? Yes, real but near irreversible disabled hadguns are at the Savelovsky market, kiosk П-149, store keepers Ruslan and Dimitry.

Air club in Krutyshki, near Stupino


A good place to go to for anything related to air, from general information to arranging aerial photograpy and filming. The place is full of old-school flight enthusiasts. I took British film makers looking for materials on cargo planes to Krutyshki in November 2012.

Krutyshki is near Stupino, and Stupino is about an hour south from Domodedovo. The place is difficult to find. No site, no official address. Write and I’ll put you in touch with English-speaking club members.

Stalin’s bunker

What’s all this excitement about? Just received yet another question about Stalin’s bunker and the Cold War Museum. It is somewhere near Metro Taganskaya. Let me see..  Yes, it is there. English version of the site is available:

The address is  5-й Котельнический пер., дом 11, tel. 8 495 500 0554 or 8 495 500 0553 as dialed from any local phone. 

Adventures with metal detector

Metal detector trader Sergei from the Moscow Hobby Fair has recommended this small oufit that specializes in organizing treasure-hunting tours, mostly in the outskirts of the Moscow region. They also do survival tours and 4WD trips, including those for families. Two historians and one certified survival expert in their small team. Delicious stories of their adventures and misadventures. On inspecting their site I deemed them fit to be included in this Guide.  Talk to them if you are interested in WW2. Or talk to me as I’m making a conscious effort to track and document those who can provide support to “alternative” tourists.


Old Believers Refractory


Rogozhsky Val. (Metro Marksistskaya, Metro Proshad Il’ycha).

Infidels welcomed.

It is so good that it is managed to make it to the list of my favourites even though no booze is served. Even if it is – I wonder what’s in those little bottles in the back – the spirit of the place makes impossible to even think of having it in my habitual quantities and manner.

On many days (including every Wednesday and Friday) it is purely vegetarian/vegan but not wimpy New Age type vegetarian. Starts early (something like 7:30) and stays open till at least 10pm.

For photos see the Old Believers site >>