Toilet training? Life skills? Or there just isn’t enough mind or soul or whatever to go around for 7 billion of us?

Why am I seeing something that look suspiciously like human excrement stuck to the side of the toilet after the third clinet in a raw?! MORE>>

gloomy_smI’m no longer actively working on this site. As of November 2013 most of my web activity is around the site of Kandalaksha, the city where I moved to in June.


Our flea market debut!

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first Novopodrezkovo
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6аSpend three hours at Novopodrezkovo in Khimki. Plus an hour getting there and over two back. The worse part was a giant jam on Novoskhkhodninskoye shosse on our way back because two nanoaccidents on the carousel by IKEA nearly blocked traffic for hours, the way it is usually done in this land where time is of no value and common sense non-existent.

Damn, why does a very positive report has to start with an episode that forces to check the Russian Misery category?!!

Same impression as from the first trip. Easy and relaxed. A welcomed break from Moscow all-pervasive glamour that’s enforced upon you no matter what. Try the Grabli (Rake) Cafe on Pyatnitskaya. And OK chain place, certainly not expensive, the sort of place to go to eat, not to impress yourself or others. But visit the washroom downstairs! The amount of expensive bronze there clashes, in a non-physical way of course, with the business that normally brings me there. I don’t want to see overdressed women, cars washed daily (fuck, see my project – drivers listed there mention daily wash as a selling point damn it), and government offices decorated in marble and complete with god damn founains! If you share this sentiment the flea market may be one of very few options where there is nothing glamorous in sight. A couple of Gypsy women selling lipstick don’t count. MORE>>