Toilet training? Life skills? Or there just isn’t enough mind or soul or whatever to go around for 7 billion of us?

Why am I seeing something that look suspiciously like human excrement stuck to the side of the toilet after the third clinet in a raw?! MORE>>

Artist Vasily Shul’zhenko (Василий Шульженко) and his Russian gloom

See or

The point of Shul’zhenko’s art is to capture the essential Russian-ness which of course gets him the russophobe label.

Unlike his namesake Vasily Lozhkin (Василий Ложкин) in Solnechnogorsk MORE>> rediscovered up and active!

While sifting though my old and reworking it into a current and coherent resource I stumbled into the famous Winston Wu’s overview of Russian crime of the sort not normally encountered elsewhere. I followed the link to Winston’s site and was pleased to see it up and active. Still lots on Russia from a Russian bride seeker’s perspective. Putting 

on my list of recommended resources for those who embark upon a pursuit I am very far from recommending. But if you are compelled to do that by forces more powerful than your sense and reason, explore

If you need local assistance I have no choice either but to offer myself in this capacity. Among my services:

  • Compilation of your profile
  • Distribution of it through my personal and professional connections
  • Trips to small towns
  • Facilitation of contacts with small agencies that have real women, not rich foreigner hunters or “travel whore” types
  • Identity checks, interviews, hidden interviews under the guise of present delivery
  • etc. etc., all my old stuff

Pre-trip reading

If you are heading here with intentions more involved that  a few business meetings or doing the Red-Square-Bolshoi-Lenin’s-Tomb-Novodevichy-Sergiev-Posad routine it may be worth it to try to understand how and what we Russians are made of.

May I once again recommend Painted in Blood: Understanding Europeans by Stuart Miller. Although he muses about Europeans from the American viewpoint his observations can be easily applied to understand Russians. MORE>>