A legal alcohol outlet on ul. Lusinovskaya

This one pretents to be not a store but a bar, which allows it to sell at night. Ulitsa Lusinovskaya 48/50, kv. 10. It is where Lusinovskaya crosses Pavla Andreyeva, and the store’s dore is right at the corner. Nearest metro: Dobryninskaya or Tulskaya. Based on eyewitness report. To be investigated soon.

Walking distance from my apartment for rent >>

Free range eggs at the Fish Market

Рыбный рынок (rybny rynok, fish market), Pyatnitsky pereulov 2. Look for Elena the butcher under the sign “Деревенское мясо” (derevenskoye myaso, village meat). Small eggs from young chicken at 100 roubles per 10.

Next to her is a stall with Ukrainian (Lviv) and Belarus beer but I think I’ve already listed it.

Exploring Achan (?) in the basement of Arcadia and finding it worth recommending

A huge bill expected for fixing up that old LR to give it a reasonable chance of making it to Kandalaksha (1500 miles north the shortest way through places where car repair shops are 200 miles apart) prompted me to explore the Achan or Attak or whatever it is called supermarket in the basement of the Arcadia mall, MORE>>

Quality pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice that suspiciously resembles real discovered at Ulitsa Bochkova 3A.

old_farts_bloodThe colour is that of an old fart’s venous blood drawn when no hypertension medicine was around. Probatum est. A medieval but an effective measure but that’s another story. See Medicine > Leeches or similar.  Black shreds of something floating in it. But both the taste and aftertaste are OK. Not a hint of heartburn pomegranate juice normally available here give me. The package says the juice is from Azerbaijan but under the UK control, which inspires confidence. 110 roubles per litre. Ulitsa Bochkova is west off Prospekt Mira, to the other side of Prospekt Mira from Metro Alexeyevskaya, then 1-2 min. walk. 

pomegranate_in_moscow_1 pomegranate_in_moscow_2 pomegranate_in_moscow_3

While there, note the Russian Vodka House (see elsewhere here, probably under Lifestyle > Drinking). A few people have visited the place on my advice and sent me very positive feedback, especially about their menu that “does not have more than necessary”. Glad to see that there is some appreciation of minimalism out there.

Spanish food

spanish_foodA new Spanish Court store just opened up in the Fish Market in Zamoskvorechye. Unlike the Metro Alexeyevskaya location this one is likely to have English/Spanish speaking staff, and their site www.spanish-food.ru is at least part English. No, I have not yet visited this one personally but I’ve been going to the Alexeyevskaya location for vinegar, olive oil, and wine since about 2010.

Spanish house by Metro Novokuznetskaya

They’ve just opened an outlet in the Fish Market (Rybny rynok) by Metro Novokuznetskaya. A small (thus minimal information overload) but proper selection of Mediterranean products. I usually get olive oil, wine, and vinegar from their Metro Alexeyevskaya location. Good they are now in Zamoskvorechye too. Their main advantage is that they have just **one** type of vinegar, **one** type of red and **one** of white wine, and a a very limited selection of everything else. As a consumer I’m growingly unnoyed by the redundancy of choice. Spanish House is one of very few outlets that does not subject its clients to information overload.

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