Time-capsule “Komissionka”

A nearly untouched by time consignment store found at Preobrazhensky val 25, next to a church or a monastery with a large “Иконописная мастерская” (icon-painting shop) sign.

What a pattern. Things I like appear to aggregate around religious establishments, which I don’t like. Yes, there is a story why but it is beyond the scope of this Uncle Pasha’s Moscow project. 

Our flea market debut!

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6аSpend three hours at Novopodrezkovo in Khimki. Plus an hour getting there and over two back. The worse part was a giant jam on Novoskhkhodninskoye shosse on our way back because two nanoaccidents on the carousel by IKEA nearly blocked traffic for hours, the way it is usually done in this land where time is of no value and common sense non-existent.

Damn, why does a very positive report has to start with an episode that forces to check the Russian Misery category?!!

Same impression as from the first trip. Easy and relaxed. A welcomed break from Moscow all-pervasive glamour that’s enforced upon you no matter what. Try the Grabli (Rake) Cafe on Pyatnitskaya. And OK chain place, certainly not expensive, the sort of place to go to eat, not to impress yourself or others. But visit the washroom downstairs! The amount of expensive bronze there clashes, in a non-physical way of course, with the business that normally brings me there. I don’t want to see overdressed women, cars washed daily (fuck, see my www.moscowdrivers.net project – drivers listed there mention daily wash as a selling point damn it), and government offices decorated in marble and complete with god damn founains! If you share this sentiment the flea market may be one of very few options where there is nothing glamorous in sight. A couple of Gypsy women selling lipstick don’t count. MORE>>

Off to the Novopodrezkovo flea market

The trip was postponed but looks like it’s finally happening. We are off to Khimki AS SELLERS, but for me the trip is one large step along the road of semi-enforced downshifting while Alexandra, who is trying to purge my vocabulary and outlook of “loser” concepts, insists on seeing it as a fun information-gathering exercise and a reason to write a story.

Inverters, solar panels, generators, electric and gas welding equipment

Vladimir, 8 903 574 8277, 8 495 424 4465, vladimirkrivbk@rambler.ru

Vladimir sells inverters, solar panels, UPS units, generators,welding equipment, laboratory glassware, high-temperature ovens for melting steel in the kitchen and lots of other goodies, new and used, at flea markets (presently at Novopodrezkovo) at prices that are significantly below those in real or even online stores. He seems to know his stuff real well. This entry is based on my impressions from a long chat with him but soon I will probably be buying something or other from Vladimir. A gas welding set and a portable generator are on my Wanted list..

Novopodrezkovo flea market in Khimki. Photos, comments.

How we went there as sellers
a couple of weeks later >>

Finally, here is the promised set of images, made by Alexandra, with my comments.

General view. One serious dealer has a whole makeshift barn to himself. Privileged traders are in stalls. In the outer reaches there traders who sell from cars. Poor babushkas just spread their wares on the ground.


Novopodrezkovo Flea Market visit

It’s there! Real!! Huge!!! Cheap!!!! Mostly 70s and 80s. Some pre-war and even pre-revolution stuff. flea_market_novopodrezkovo_viewNovopodrezkovo is the closest approximation of the old Lianozovo where we were selling off some of our possessions in 1980 in preparation for a move to Canada. Among many delights for a nostalgic ageing loser this market has as laidback of an atmosphere as one can find in generally tense and aggressive Russia.A gentle Only one pushy seller! Out of hundreds!! Only one lady swore at me for not moving fast enough. No one objected to Alexandra with her camera. Definitely not 2013 Moscow.


Novopodrezkovo Flea Market

Off to check it out Sunday April 28 if still in possession of a few RRR$ after replacing, Thursday of Friday, cracks coil spring in that excuse of a car I’m driving.

You are welcomed to join.

Here is a story of this market in English >>

and the site for the market itself >>
(which probably means it went official, with all the good and bad consequences)


Flea markets: Novopodrezkovo, Saltykovka (?), Pushkino, Serpukhov

smokingOne of the sellers at the “down and out” part of the Preobrazhenka flea market shared info on a few locations of other undocumented and unknown (except to true connoisseurs) flea markets in Moscow and around. These are:

  • Near train station Novopodrezkovo, north end, in Moscow. This is the heir to the old famous Lianozovo. Said to be good and big.
  • MORE>>