Another English conversation club, Metro Oktyabrskaya

I keep on receiving invitations to attend the English conversation club. Seems like a good way to announce yourself, meet locals, and make yourself useful. Most of these attending such events are women. If you are a Russian bride seeker I recommend you attend groups of this sort instead of questionable Anastasia socials. Here is the link: rediscovered up and active!

While sifting though my old and reworking it into a current and coherent resource I stumbled into the famous Winston Wu’s overview of Russian crime of the sort not normally encountered elsewhere. I followed the link to Winston’s site and was pleased to see it up and active. Still lots on Russia from a Russian bride seeker’s perspective. Putting 

on my list of recommended resources for those who embark upon a pursuit I am very far from recommending. But if you are compelled to do that by forces more powerful than your sense and reason, explore

If you need local assistance I have no choice either but to offer myself in this capacity. Among my services:

  • Compilation of your profile
  • Distribution of it through my personal and professional connections
  • Trips to small towns
  • Facilitation of contacts with small agencies that have real women, not rich foreigner hunters or “travel whore” types
  • Identity checks, interviews, hidden interviews under the guise of present delivery
  • etc. etc., all my old stuff

Russian bride seekers: try this travel companion site

Russian bride seekers may want to try this travel companion resource:  It is in Russian but my help of course is available.

As I said before and will keep on repeating, excessively direct approach has its limitations. To put it mildly. Instead, create a situation that makes its easy for Fate to work. Socialize. Offering or asking for a ride is one of many things you can try.


Russian micro-lesson:

Poputchik“ translates as “travel companion”. It consists of prefix “po” that has “together” among its meanings, “put” (“way”), and suffix “chik”, equivalent to English “-er” (traveller, player). You already know “put” from “Sputnik” (that thing that went up in flame and smoke in 1957). It was called “Sputnin” because it shares way (“put”) with earth. You know “chik” from “apparatchik”. And “po” from “pogrom” except in this case “po” implies completion, not proximity. So it turns out “poputchik” is an almost familiar word to an English speaker.

In Russian it is “попутчик”. Let’s look at the letters. Letters too should not be total strangers. П is Greek Π (pi), У formed from OU (just imagine O and U fusing to make first U with an appendage like Ц, and then this appendage growing to make modern Russian У. Т is T. Ч comes form Hebrew צ (tsade), И is again Greek  Ηη (related to Latin Hh, both of which come from Phoenician Het. K of course is same as in English.

Easy?  That’s one of the approaches use in my teaching of language. Recognized what’s already familiar. Put  an effort into leaning to access what you already know before forcing yourself to commit things to memory. 

Pre-trip reading

If you are heading here with intentions more involved that  a few business meetings or doing the Red-Square-Bolshoi-Lenin’s-Tomb-Novodevichy-Sergiev-Posad routine it may be worth it to try to understand how and what we Russians are made of.

May I once again recommend Painted in Blood: Understanding Europeans by Stuart Miller. Although he muses about Europeans from the American viewpoint his observations can be easily applied to understand Russians. MORE>>

“I’m in distress” scam

A friend of a friend narrowly avoided it. At least two of my acquaintances didn’t. The way it works: you receive a call supposedly from your friend or relative in distress. Russians are artistic SOBs, they can imitate voice pretty well. Today’s example involved a call from a kid at the police station about to be charged with causing bodily harm in a fight. 30K roubles ($1000) put on police investigator’s telephone account will close the matter. Fortunately his mom was smart enough to ask which police station it was, and then called the kid, who was found happily sleeping through his history lesson. In another case the mailbox was broken into and a story of lost money and documents was e-mailed to everyone in the inbox, with a request to do a WesterUnion transfer. That time it worked and cost D. $1500. In the past I received several text messages, signed with names of people I knew, asking me to make a deposit urgently. BE AWARE THAT THIS “FRIEND IN DISTRESS” SCAM IN COMMON AND THE PLAY IS PROFESSIONAL. Always double and triple check every request for money.

..As I’m writing this a few cases of foreigners scammed by the a similar method come to mind. Their Russian friend (usually from the “Russian bride” category) would claim to be arrested, in hospital, or stuck in the airport with no documents and no money.

At the same time remember that people do get in trouble. Once I misdiagnozed a distress call as “scam with 98% probability”. Guess the message is not to lose your head..

Hm.. I recall how back in 1997, when I was a naive newcomer here, I was duped of $500. By someone whom I knew! The fellow created a sense of urgency, got my money, and was gone home to Chechnya. In these days it was still unthinkable for me to raise my guards because of person’s ethnic origin. Now I do. And be aware of any request or situation that leave you with no time to think. Pressure means scam.

Oh no not Russian brides again


But in the last year over half of my pittance came from Russian bride seekers. The way things are now I either need to drastically downshift or come up with a new way to make a living. Neither is likely for lack of will or ability. So I’ll stick to what sort of works, and assistance to Russian bride seekers is part of it.

Let me add here Alexander and his daughter Olesya (not to be confused with Alexandra from Kandalaksha and the Russsian Girl Friday Olesya, both of whom I regularly mention) to my list. They run a small old-school employment and marriage agency in Ryazan.

Ulitsa Chernovitskaya 6a, office 213/214
+7 4912 905014 (land line)
+7 906 544 7874

Not many matchmakers who know their clients personally are still in business. This one is a proof that time warps do happen. Highly recommended. The rates are very reasonable too.

But Russian only. And they lack aggression almost to the point of not caring. Don’t expect your e-mails to be answered or calls returned. Realistically, you will need my assistance to work with them.

Big and recommended dating agencies



My advice that the only way to get one that will last is to  integrate into local life till you run into your true mate. No way around it. You need to take time, to be active, and to let the random nature of this universe work in your favour. This advice however  is nearly always rejected. I understand. A successful professional like you expects to pay and have quality product delivered. Fast. None of that sentimental crap. Uncertainty is not for your. Of course. So I asked around and, based on what your fellow Russian bride seekers say, these three emerged as leaders:

No, I don’t know of even one long-term success. But the above folks will get you dates. No, they don’t have many scammers, which seems to be your chief concern.