Fish Market cluster of stores, shops, and services

Here is what you’ll find in the Fish Market near my apartment that’s available for short-term rent for a very reasonable price:


  • Fish and caviar.
  • Tea, coffee, chocolate.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Shoe repair (but see other posts on the subject).
  • Bakery.
  • Home hardware.
  • Dry cleaners.
  • Clothing repair.
  • Printing.
  • Air and train tickets.

And this Fish Market is just one of several clusters and a multitude of free-standing stores, shops, and service providers in Zamoskvorechye. Of all the neighbourhoods I think it is Zamoskvorechye that has the most developed and intense infrastructure to take care of traveller’s everyday needs.

Glass frames welded

Apartment to rent from the webmaster. Zamoskvorechye, on the canal, minutes to Red Square, $120/night or less. Ideal for two, sleeps 3-4 easily, computer, internet, WiFi, AIR, etc. etc., even a bicycle! MORE >>

Broke frames? 2nd floor of “ПАССАЖ НА ПЯТНИЦКОЙ” just south from Metro Novokuznetskaya. I’ve been taking my glasses there many time, especially during the dacha and horses period of my life. Repaired fast. Reasonable quality.

Keys, shoes, suitcase handles


For years I’ve been ordering keys at an establishment on the second floor of Ulitsa Pyatnitskaya 25. It is the one with a large neon sign that says “ПАССАЖ НА ПЯТНИЦКОЙ”, just south from Metro Novokuznetskaya. They keys they made for me always fit.

This place will also do basic repairs of suitcases and footwear but they refused some pretty simple cases. Still, something routine like a broken handle is probably doable.