Prostitute, fluent English, reasonable rates

Information removed on prostitute’s request. My proud announcement of the first money I’ve ever made this way and my humble musings on why her offer drew so much attention, along with what’s happening with the world in general, failed to amuse this service provider, and I lost an advertiser.

What’s happening to my silly life if even whores consider associating with me a reputational risk?!


The Vietnamese market said to have survived the recent anti-migrant campaign

Just got two reports. First, about a prostitution and drugs bust there yesterday in one of Moscow’s advertising papers:—Ny2vsVztUYwaM/, which sort of implies the market is still there. Second, an eyewitness report it is business as usual. See Vietnamese market >> I’M ASKED ABUT IT REGULARLY AND WILL APPRECIATE AN UPDATE.

Moscow prostitution site in English

Finally, here is a site in English, with English-speaking prostitutes identified: Many hundreds of St. Petersburg and one page of Moscow prostitutes, some with video. Average advertised rates 2500 ($80) per hour.


And another one, based in Moscow, specializing in prostitutes that speak English and other foreign languages: