These are very few. Since, if my life keeps unfolding as it does, I may very well end up on the street, I’m interested in things that makes living without home bearable and comfortable. Among these are cheap cafes (see elsewhere in this guide), public showers, and laundromats.

Very few of them in Moscow. A well-known one is on Vavilova 11 (Metro Leninsky Prospekt). Open only during the day.

Yesterday, during a long walk I attempted as a way to shed off the Moscow-in-November syndrome that seems to really got me this fall (2012), I stumbled into one on Pavla Korchagina 9, at the corner of Korchagina and Yaroslavskaya, halfway between Metro Alexeyevskaya and Metro VDNKh. I didn’t have the energy to check it out but hope somebody will. If you do please leave a comment under this post. It would be great if it was because the location is close to a cluster of very inexpensive hotels on Yaroslavskaya.

Please note that this laundromat is close to Alexandra’s apartment, the cheapest offer on my list. Her apartment does have a washer but it is so tired of life that a laundromat in the neighbourhood is good news.


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