Moved to LiquidWeb hosting, now switching to Swift theme, speed drastically up

I’ve followed Satish Gandham’s good advice and moved to LiquidWeb, mid-range VPS, with APC cache installed on the server. Page loading time dropped immediately and considerably, from 5-7 seconds at HostGator to 2-4 at LiquidWeb all else unchanged. A switch from a powerful but somewhat heavy Weaver II to  Swift resulted in a further improvement of the loading speed to around one second!  While I’m a hardwired conservative in my tastes and preferences, I will probably switch to Swift.  Under 2 seconds loading time is tempting.


Computers, soft, printers..

I’m been visiting the Savelovsky computer market regularly in the last year or two and am pleased to report that now, when I personally know several repairmen, the rate of success in getting things fixed is higher than before, when 4/5 of computer jobs got botched.

It helps to have your face known and recognized so saying “go to Stall 110A” will not help you much. Talk to me about your computer related issues, and I may be able to introduce you to the right expert.

Still, for the record:

Notebook repair and soft installation: Л-152.

Information retrieval from hard disks: ask at Л-152.

Refilling printer cartridges: Л-137-138, daily 10am to 20pm, +7 903 507 9793,

Note that Russian repairmen will NEVER do the job on time. They will ALWAYS make you wait. These are a given. When you say “Install program XYZ” a WASP American implies “so that it works”. Here you need to specify that. A very different culture and environment here, and a simple task easily turns into a long frustrating project even if no one tires to trick you. Unless you’ve been here long don’t go to a treacherous place like Savelovsky on your own.

Another recommended computer place

This fellow checked if my sites are blacklisted by Kaspersky. On first request. Within seconds. I’m impressed especially after a few self-proclaimed WordPress experts failed to do this simple task. Yaroslav, 8 926 017 0203. His specialization is data restoration, and that’s where I’ll go to next time my HD dies while I fail to do backups prior to the event.


Computer repair

Here is a place that replaced HD and installed windows on the second attempt, after only 3-4 visits, for 2500 roubles total. No, I’m not trying to be funny. In this land one out of several will successfully install windows, and most computer repairmen will attempt to shove another damaged HD into your notebook. A successful resolution of the issue in less than a week counts as success, and gets technicians who do that on my list of honour. Savelovsky Computer Market, spot A-152, 8 985 152 8798, 8 926 816 9020. I’d give you their e-mail but they don’t answer, probabum est. Still, I’m taking my outstanding computer problems to these guys because for Moscow the fact that they did the job at all is already unusual.