A lady barber from Tashkent

As of recent Alexandra has been keeping my appearance within the bounds of propriety by calling a hairdresser who is originally from Uzbekistan, where beards are also common. Write to alexandragor4@yandex.ru and she’ll provide contact details. I believe this hairdresser, whose name escapes me at the moment, even speaks a few words of English. The best thing is that she makes house calls for a price that seems “fair” against the background of what things generally cost in Moscow.

Another barber who is a beards expert

Gasan, a barber from a small town somewhere in Geogrian mountains, where men of respectable age MUST wear beards. Gasan works at Magnolia &Co, Ulitsa Zelenodolskogo 41, 8-927-318-6677, 172-7671, 172-4961, 172-5650. 


Barbers able to do a beard

These are rare in Moscow but here is one advertized in Bolshoy Gorod, one of my favourite sources:

Усачи (mustache bearers)
Petrovky boulevard 9, stroyeniye 2
8 495 650 2371

500 roubles (~$17) to trim a beard. 1500 roubles ($50) for a haircut. By appointment only. One of the founders is said to be an engineer active in historic reconstructions. Their site, in Russian: www.usachi.ru