Money transfers within Russia

Unistream seems to be the most popular system. Works exactly the same as WesternUnion. 1.5%, 1% if the amount is over 30 th. roubles (just under $1000US). Most cities with pouplation over 50 thousand will have a Unistream (Унистрим) office.

The closet one to my apartment that’s available for rent is in the Fish Market (Рыбный рынок).

Bank transfers from Russia

inspectorMy computer literacy has reached previously unsurpassed levels. I’ve installed not just a counter but a real spy system that tells me what search phrases you people use and what pages attract and captivate your invaluable attention. I confess my mastering the system instead of expanding my horizons merely further lowered my  opinion of my brethren. I thought I was a sick pervert in my search patterns, and carefully erased surfing history. Don’t think I will bother any more because you out there are way worse. One of few “clean” requests that made someone spend time here in this something of a guide and at my personal/miscellaneous blog was how to do a bank transfer from Russia to the Royal Bank of Canada. I do this regularly and am can assure you the operation is simple. There are thing to watch out for however. You can’t do a transfer to yourself, or else you will be sent to tax authorities first. The only reason for transfer that keeps it easy is “financial support”. It cannot be rent, or else you’ll be told to produce a copy (certified, notarized etc.) of the agreement. As of a couple of months ago, when I last did it, a transfer from Pavel Voytinsky to Paul Voytinsky whom I claimed to be different people – given the difference in time and context the claim was probably close to truth – worked. Before that Alla did a transfer for me. She, being a lawyer, she is anal about following rules (professional character accentuation) and thus insisted it was rent rather than “financial support”. Of course she was told to produce the rental agreement that just wasn’t there. When faced with the choice of breaking one of local rules or being killed on the spot she make the right decision and changed her story, and the bank proceeded with the transfer. The cost is something like $25 on this end the the Royal Bank of Canada I think charges $15, plus losses at exchange. Seems like the total cost is around $50. All you need to know is the SWIFT code whatever it is, Bank code, transit code, and your account number. The whole process takes 40 min. in the slowest of state bank (Sberbank) branches(tried that from Starisa and Kandalaksha). In the center of Moscow it is quick, and they seem to have dispensed with long forms. Just give the numbers above to the teller, she punches them in, and in 2-4 days your $$ is on your account.