Prostitute, fluent English, reasonable rates

Information removed on prostitute’s request. My proud announcement of the first money I’ve ever made this way and my humble musings on why her offer drew so much attention, along with what’s happening with the world in general, failed to amuse this service provider, and I lost an advertiser.

What’s happening to my silly life if even whores consider associating with me a reputational risk?!


The Vietnamese market said to have survived the recent anti-migrant campaign

Just got two reports. First, about a prostitution and drugs bust there yesterday in one of Moscow’s advertising papers:—Ny2vsVztUYwaM/, which sort of implies the market is still there. Second, an eyewitness report it is business as usual. See Vietnamese market >> I’M ASKED ABUT IT REGULARLY AND WILL APPRECIATE AN UPDATE.

Money transfers within Russia

Unistream seems to be the most popular system. Works exactly the same as WesternUnion. 1.5%, 1% if the amount is over 30 th. roubles (just under $1000US). Most cities with pouplation over 50 thousand will have a Unistream (Унистрим) office.

The closet one to my apartment that’s available for rent is in the Fish Market (Рыбный рынок).

A few NO and BEWARE signs

A wise learner of language will start not  with not with lame dobroye utropozhaluysta, kan proyti na Krasnuyu Ploschad kupit matreshkas and such but with words and phrases that are at the core of the culture. Warnings and prohibitions is what defines Russian mental set, and words and phrases to that effect permeate the language. Here are several random NO and BEWARE signs.



A lady barber from Tashkent

As of recent Alexandra has been keeping my appearance within the bounds of propriety by calling a hairdresser who is originally from Uzbekistan, where beards are also common. Write to and she’ll provide contact details. I believe this hairdresser, whose name escapes me at the moment, even speaks a few words of English. The best thing is that she makes house calls for a price that seems “fair” against the background of what things generally cost in Moscow.

Another barber who is a beards expert

Gasan, a barber from a small town somewhere in Geogrian mountains, where men of respectable age MUST wear beards. Gasan works at Magnolia &Co, Ulitsa Zelenodolskogo 41, 8-927-318-6677, 172-7671, 172-4961, 172-5650. 


Barbers able to do a beard

These are rare in Moscow but here is one advertized in Bolshoy Gorod, one of my favourite sources:

Усачи (mustache bearers)
Petrovky boulevard 9, stroyeniye 2
8 495 650 2371

500 roubles (~$17) to trim a beard. 1500 roubles ($50) for a haircut. By appointment only. One of the founders is said to be an engineer active in historic reconstructions. Their site, in Russian: