Another vegetarian catering service

Run by the Hare Krishna people. Full dinner: 200 roubles ($7). Delivery near Metro VDNKh, Botanichesky Sad, Sviblovo, Otradnoye, or Vladykino is 200 roubles and free for orders over 600. Free trial dinners to offices in the area. Delivery elsewhere in Moscow is 300 roubles for orders under 1000, and free if over 1000. Delivery happens from noon to 2pm. Orders to be made the previous day before 7pm. +7 925 201 4977 or +7 915 140 7387, Many of Hare Krishna devotees speak fluent English.

Another “organic” type store

The name “Syroyedov” translates verbatim as “raw eater’s”. Recently opened. Spoken of well although I haven’t visited it myself. The address is Maly Kiselny 6, apt. 1 (Metro Trubnaya or Tvetnoy Boulevard) but from their site I gather it is not really a store but rather you are expected to place your order online, and then pick it up or have it delivered. The soaps section of their catalogue is quite extensiveThe site is Russian only.


Black salt


Seems that it has become fashionable in the expat community, and the question of where to find made it to the list of “top 5000”.


It pops up all over the place in an unpredictable manner but you will **always** find it in the Old Believers shop at Rogozhsky Poselok 35(?).

It is next door to the Old Believers cafe which is open to the public regardless of faith and is highly recommended (a) for Russian food properly understood and (b)as a place that turns near-totally vegan Wednesdays, Fridays, and during other periods, usually preceding celebrations.

Recommended for fresh vegetables or soup of light/yellowish colour **after** it’s been poured into plates both as seasoning and decoration. Milder than regular salt.