Blood letting

Yes, this barbaric but sometimes effective method is still practiced and is available to the connoisseur of local peculiarities. Not as widespread as leaches though (see Leeches) which are entirely part of the mainstream. You’d need to go to the Muslim community for that. No, I will not publicly share the details for the fear of bringing trouble onto the practitioner but if you are interested I’ll provide the details. 

Leeches and other medieval methods of BP control

Still available in a time-warp apothecary on Leningradskoye Shosse, right side of heading out of town, after Metro Voykovskaya but before the river. Details soon. 70 roubles ($2.20) each. If you want to commit suicide by having your blood sucked out you’ll need $2000 worth of them but that’s another story. The exact address is coming up. Tried these myself. Heart beat and pressure comes to the norm in no time but I tend to think part of the reason is women who happen to witness the scene screaming. As a card-carrying sadist I find that satisfying, and my BP returns to norm. I also recall seeing blood-letting offered by Muslim old-timers.

Festival of Traditional American Music

It’s happening now. Please note the April 11 2013 even in the Dom center, Zamoskvorechye, Moscow. If you need company Alla (see > Other talents) may be happy to accompany you. Or even I will if a visit to Second Wind (see here under Lifestyle > Alcoholism) with all the appropriate excesses follows.

Another vegetarian catering service

Run by the Hare Krishna people. Full dinner: 200 roubles ($7). Delivery near Metro VDNKh, Botanichesky Sad, Sviblovo, Otradnoye, or Vladykino is 200 roubles and free for orders over 600. Free trial dinners to offices in the area. Delivery elsewhere in Moscow is 300 roubles for orders under 1000, and free if over 1000. Delivery happens from noon to 2pm. Orders to be made the previous day before 7pm. +7 925 201 4977 or +7 915 140 7387, Many of Hare Krishna devotees speak fluent English.

Korean food stores

Unverified list

Bomulsom – 8(499)135-7393
O-mart – (495)544-8164
Rodeo Super – (495)937-5705
Seoul Super – 939-8702
Sonmulidip – 939-8689
Maru Super – 8(499)135-7393
Yonhwa Food Products – 8-915-282-7888

Something in Lotte Plaza, Metro Somoenskaya, Arbatskaya

Internet and possibly real store, south end –

Kosher Store

Trifonovskaya 45, walking distance from Metro Rizhskaya or Prospek Mira.

At one time it had Moscow’s largest selection of things like couscous, bulgur, humus and such at best prices. You could also occasionally find excellent semi-sweet red wine from Israel there. If you run into pomegranate wine from Israel for around $10/bottle grab as much as you can carry.

The store is not licensed to sell alcohol. Wine and vodka is released “for religious service purposes only”.  To get it I declare myself a Bacchus warshiper.