Separating garbage

separate_garbage_collectinAbout one question about it per year, and I’m glad to finally be able to give a positive answer. I’ve seen these signs before but this is the first time in Moscow I’ve encountered a functional unit for sorting garbage. The corner of Novokuznetskaya and Klimentovsky. What’s more, the writing says it is some sort of a civic initiative.

Concert today at 7pm in benefit of Russian political prisoners

Singer Alexey Paperny, essayist/poet Dimitry Bykov, and Shenderovich, a writer described as “satirical”. Mir Concert Hall, Tvetnoy Boulevard 11. Right by the Old Circus.

I’m probably going. Company welcomed. I’ll be offline soon but my number is +7 985 217 3241.

Bykov, in my opinion, is the one destined to become a classic for capturing zeitgeist in its totality. Let me know if you see any of Bykov in English translation. I would especially recommend his Zh/D to anyone looking for the core formula of Russian-ness. Shenderovish is one of these “Russian comics” that use humour to package and fortify their message that’s anything but funny. Paperny is somehow associated with the fashionable and slightly alternative club scene.