Job search

I regularly get enquiries about looking for a job in Russia. Just got one from yet another fellow who hopes to make a living teaching English. Doable but no, not what it used to be in the 90s when an English speaker could dictate his conditions. Below are some resources that come to mind. MORE>>

Job fair, Cosmos Hotel, April 24 2013

The last time I visited an event like that was in the 80s in Toronto, and I was indeed offered a job driving a UPS truck for $8.73/hour. At that time, feeling invincible and victorious, I rejected the proposal, and proceded carving my own loser niche. Now my business is at its lowest since 1997 but job fairs happen in Moscow regularly. I’m thinking of visiting one tomorrow. It is at Hotel Kosmos from 11am to 3pm. Metro VDNKh (next to Metro Alexeyevskaya, the neighbourhood I try to promote becaus of Alexandra). You are most welcomed to join me.