Glass frames welded

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Broke frames? 2nd floor of “ПАССАЖ НА ПЯТНИЦКОЙ” just south from Metro Novokuznetskaya. I’ve been taking my glasses there many time, especially during the dacha and horses period of my life. Repaired fast. Reasonable quality.

Eye wear

Magazine Neobychnykh Oprav. Two locations: Prospekt Mira 71 and Serpukhovskoy pereulok 7 (at Lusinovskaya, Metro Dobryninskaya).  Glasses that will not fall off even if you hang yourself upside down, pince-nez, monocles, lorgnettes.

Optika on Krumsky. Krymsky Val 6, Metro Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury, very close to the Moscow House of Artist. One of the or the oldest eye-wear store in Moscow, established just before the war.  That’s were I found, after a long search, my current set that does not pinch the nose the way most glasses do.


Optica, no particular name from what I recall, just behind Metro Novokuznetskaya. That’s where I found a pince-nez when by some reason the sides started irritating my ears.

The rest of Moscow’s numerous “Opticas” carry a near identical selection of something tacky and vaguely uncomfortable.