Dental clinic

I went through a lot of misadventures with my teeth during my Russian period, and know first-hand just what a rarity a good dentist is in Mosccow. My troubles ended  a couple of years ago (this note dates ~2011, so it the beginning of the end of my dental troubles must have bee ~2009) when it took my teeth to Kooperativ Stomatolog.

Prospekt Mira 124, tel. 683-4934, between Metro Alexeyevskaya and VDNKh.

At the risk of contributing to them getting too popular and turning into a typical Moscow dental clinic with beautiful secretaries and neatly dressed doctors whose creations fall apart two months I’m sharing this info with you.

Another two years. February 5 2013:

Caps still in place. A unique thing in Russia when not ONE of four caps and not ONE of six fillings fell out in now THREE OR FOUR years. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.