Blood letting

Yes, this barbaric but sometimes effective method is still practiced and is available to the connoisseur of local peculiarities. Not as widespread as leaches though (see Leeches) which are entirely part of the mainstream. You’d need to go to the Muslim community for that. No, I will not publicly share the details for the fear of bringing trouble onto the practitioner but if you are interested I’ll provide the details. 


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This quaint remedy against hypertension and a bunch of other  blood circulation maladies is still available and used here, although not as widely as before, when these cuties were sold in any self-respecting apothecary. I recently saw them at Leningradsky prospekt 72 (Sokol is the nearest metro station) at 70 roubles (just over $2) each.

Health certificates to take cats and dogs on trains

tashaA report on getting a health certificate for a dog is coming up. In the meantime feel free to ask about the rules and practices of getting animals on the train. To get a dog on the train you need to have a health certificate that is valid for no more than a week. Every year Alexandra goes through the ritual it goes smoother but not because common sense found its way into Russia but only because we discover better ways to maneuver through the increasing demanding system. Years ago I got one for a horse and wasn’t even required to show the animal. The horse was transported through two regional borders. Traffic cops do not appear to know that they are supposed to check animal papers, so on my way back I didn’t bother thus saving myself a day of work at 500 roubles.

Medical certificates

Those staying here too long will at some point learn about the institution of “spravki”. As of recent I’ve been immersed into this part of local Kafkaesque world more than ever before in my life. Thus this little compilation of stories and places that can be of assistance. Of course you are most welcomed to get me to guide you through the process. MORE>>

Medical certificates cheap and easy

This is an example of what a medical certificate you need to access a public swimming pool looks like

And the price is certainly right. The average cost for this service is in the 1200-1800 rouble area, so 500 roubles ($17) is a bargain.

If you stay here long enough to need a local driving license you will need this “health certificate”. You also need one to be admitted to a public pool, or to get an official job.

Khoroshevskoye shosse 43
Metro Polezhayevskaya
(495) 956 6907
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am to 3pm.
Tuesday and Thursday 11am to 5pm.


Leeches and other medieval methods of BP control

Still available in a time-warp apothecary on Leningradskoye Shosse, right side of heading out of town, after Metro Voykovskaya but before the river. Details soon. 70 roubles ($2.20) each. If you want to commit suicide by having your blood sucked out you’ll need $2000 worth of them but that’s another story. The exact address is coming up. Tried these myself. Heart beat and pressure comes to the norm in no time but I tend to think part of the reason is women who happen to witness the scene screaming. As a card-carrying sadist I find that satisfying, and my BP returns to norm. I also recall seeing blood-letting offered by Muslim old-timers.

Glass frames welded

Apartment to rent from the webmaster. Zamoskvorechye, on the canal, minutes to Red Square, $120/night or less. Ideal for two, sleeps 3-4 easily, computer, internet, WiFi, AIR, etc. etc., even a bicycle! MORE >>

Broke frames? 2nd floor of “ПАССАЖ НА ПЯТНИЦКОЙ” just south from Metro Novokuznetskaya. I’ve been taking my glasses there many time, especially during the dacha and horses period of my life. Repaired fast. Reasonable quality.

Dental clinic

I went through a lot of misadventures with my teeth during my Russian period, and know first-hand just what a rarity a good dentist is in Mosccow. My troubles ended  a couple of years ago (this note dates ~2011, so it the beginning of the end of my dental troubles must have bee ~2009) when it took my teeth to Kooperativ Stomatolog.

Prospekt Mira 124, tel. 683-4934, between Metro Alexeyevskaya and VDNKh.

At the risk of contributing to them getting too popular and turning into a typical Moscow dental clinic with beautiful secretaries and neatly dressed doctors whose creations fall apart two months I’m sharing this info with you.

Another two years. February 5 2013:

Caps still in place. A unique thing in Russia when not ONE of four caps and not ONE of six fillings fell out in now THREE OR FOUR years. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.