A food and crafts fair at Old Believers village (metro Aviamotornaya) Sunday, May 19 2013

Internal sources promise it will be a big even worth visiting. The formal reason for festivities is the story of women who came to the cave early Sunday with a few bottles of myrrh (oil) to anoint the body but found the grave empty, ran home screaming, which got things rolling. I’m likely to be there and if so I’m available as a volunteer translator, and those who can bear my opinionated style will get an overview of who Old Believers are and what all this fuss around them, and their place and role in the structure of Russian society.


What’s happening in Moscow

In Russian

  • Bolshoy Gorod. A classic. Covers city life. Alternative/artistic/political slant. 
  • Afisha. Entertainment: clubs, theatres and such.
  • Moscow News. Good coverage of events and happenings
  • Time Out. Entertainment, mostly with Moscow style glamour
  • The Village. www.the-village.ru – A new “city life” portal. Housekeeping issues, grassroots initiatives.
  • moya-moskva.livejournal.com – Moscow stories, reports of unusual places, non-touristy photos. Lots of on Moscow parks and animal inhabitants of Moscow.


Another English conversation club, Metro Oktyabrskaya

I keep on receiving invitations to attend the English conversation club. Seems like a good way to announce yourself, meet locals, and make yourself useful. Most of these attending such events are women. If you are a Russian bride seeker I recommend you attend groups of this sort instead of questionable Anastasia socials. Here is the link:


Komsomolskaya Ploschad, country’s main transportation hub

Want a cross-section of the country, its people, and its history? Komsomolskaya Ploschad (Communist-Union-of-the-Youth Square) may be the place to go to. Here is a collection of true-to-life photos with a slight subjective bent towards ugliness and misery: