Baptists in Moscow

They are actually in Zelenograd but it can be considered a part of Moscow, and possibly a privileged part. The site of the Baptist Church still tolerated in Zelenograd is  Whatever info on Zelenograd comes to my attention will be added to Small town. Since it is in the state of flux I am not pointing to a specific URL. See the Category menu or use Search.

Old Believers Fair Sunday, May 19

Happening next Sunday. I’m probably going. If nothing else, a lunch at their cafe seems to straighten out my brains and clean up what’s left of the soul although I’m far from being a “believer”. If that works with me then these guys may be connected to whatever I don’t dare to think about. Leaving off Metro Alexeyevskaya. Old losers only please.

A food and crafts fair at Old Believers village (metro Aviamotornaya) Sunday, May 19 2013

Internal sources promise it will be a big even worth visiting. The formal reason for festivities is the story of women who came to the cave early Sunday with a few bottles of myrrh (oil) to anoint the body but found the grave empty, ran home screaming, which got things rolling. I’m likely to be there and if so I’m available as a volunteer translator, and those who can bear my opinionated style will get an overview of who Old Believers are and what all this fuss around them, and their place and role in the structure of Russian society.


Leeches and other medieval methods of BP control

Still available in a time-warp apothecary on Leningradskoye Shosse, right side of heading out of town, after Metro Voykovskaya but before the river. Details soon. 70 roubles ($2.20) each. If you want to commit suicide by having your blood sucked out you’ll need $2000 worth of them but that’s another story. The exact address is coming up. Tried these myself. Heart beat and pressure comes to the norm in no time but I tend to think part of the reason is women who happen to witness the scene screaming. As a card-carrying sadist I find that satisfying, and my BP returns to norm. I also recall seeing blood-letting offered by Muslim old-timers.

Another vegetarian catering service

Run by the Hare Krishna people. Full dinner: 200 roubles ($7). Delivery near Metro VDNKh, Botanichesky Sad, Sviblovo, Otradnoye, or Vladykino is 200 roubles and free for orders over 600. Free trial dinners to offices in the area. Delivery elsewhere in Moscow is 300 roubles for orders under 1000, and free if over 1000. Delivery happens from noon to 2pm. Orders to be made the previous day before 7pm. +7 925 201 4977 or +7 915 140 7387, Many of Hare Krishna devotees speak fluent English.