Tolstoy Museum on Pyatnitskaya

tolstoy_museum_pyatnitskayaPyatnitskaya 12, the main drag of Zamoskvorechye. Although called “museum” this place is more of a low-key cultural center. Painting and drawings, usually from the Tolstoy era, are regularly exhibited there, and small semi-private music events. It is one of many small hubs of “cultural” activity scattered around but not usually mentioned in guide books. Go to the Tolstoy Museum page and scroll down for photos of what’s inside. Steps from my apartment that you can rent at a very reasonable rate.

Auto Theft Museum

Музей Юрия Деточкина в Коптево САО Москвы. Экспонаты музея угоновA small place dedicated to the history of auto theft, methods, and statistics. On display are Soviet-era methods of protection. The museum was inspired by an Eldar Ryazanov’s 1966 classic film Beware of the Car, and is named after Yuri Detochnin, its main Robin Hood hero.

Moscow, ulitsa Koptevskaya 71, in Favorit Motors ( That’s very near to Olesya, whose line of work is help with travel arrangements and especially the Russian brides direction.

Air club in Krutyshki, near Stupino


A good place to go to for anything related to air, from general information to arranging aerial photograpy and filming. The place is full of old-school flight enthusiasts. I took British film makers looking for materials on cargo planes to Krutyshki in November 2012.

Krutyshki is near Stupino, and Stupino is about an hour south from Domodedovo. The place is difficult to find. No site, no official address. Write and I’ll put you in touch with English-speaking club members.

Stalin’s bunker

What’s all this excitement about? Just received yet another question about Stalin’s bunker and the Cold War Museum. It is somewhere near Metro Taganskaya. Let me see..  Yes, it is there. English version of the site is available:

The address is  5-й Котельнический пер., дом 11, tel. 8 495 500 0554 or 8 495 500 0553 as dialed from any local phone. 

A time capsule of old Zamoskvorechye spirit

Today I would like to present the Ostrovsky Museum in Zamoskvorechye, Malaya Ordynka 9/2. Alexander Ostrovsky is a playwright, and is considered to be the founder of the Russian theatre tradition. The Maly Theatre (to the right of Bolshoi if facing it) is Ostrovsky’s creation, and its repertoire is still based on his plays. The fat bronze man in front of Maly is Ostrovsky himself.
The museum is in the house where Ostrovsky was born in 1823. Such an old wooden houses is rarity in Moscow today, and in itself is a historic rarety. MORE>>

Brewery tours

Moscow Brewing Company (the one that makes Khamovniki which got my personal “Best Moscow Beer” award recently) runs offers free tours of the facility Saturdays and Sundays. Details in Russian are here >> The English version is just too minimalistic to be of any use.

Mytishi (knows for its quality springs), just outside of Moscow from north-east, Volkovskoye Shosse 12.

Sign up by calling main reception +7 495 788 5433 or writing Tour guide’s personal mobile is +7 965 181 8580, calling time daily from 1pm to 5pm.

It is on my list of things to do. You are welcome to join. Translation on me, beer on you.

Museum of the USSR at VDNX

Soviet era objects. Cars, phones, TVs, cameras, radios, food and drinks, food stamps, movie posters, clothes, shoes, toys and games, home decoration, cards, medals, badges, stamps and souvenirs, and more.

Descriptions of exhibits in Russian and English.


The museum is located at VDNX, Hall No. 2. It’s 20 minutes from Metro Alekseevskaya, close to my apartment that is available for rent June, July and August 2013, and possibly after that too.

Site of the museum >>  The English version is empty but the tour guide said it will be available real soon.

Lots of museum photos here >>