Baptists in Moscow

They are actually in Zelenograd but it can be considered a part of Moscow, and possibly a privileged part. The site of the Baptist Church still tolerated in Zelenograd is  Whatever info on Zelenograd comes to my attention will be added to Small town. Since it is in the state of flux I am not pointing to a specific URL. See the Category menu or use Search.

Old Believers Fair Sunday, May 19

Happening next Sunday. I’m probably going. If nothing else, a lunch at their cafe seems to straighten out my brains and clean up what’s left of the soul although I’m far from being a “believer”. If that works with me then these guys may be connected to whatever I don’t dare to think about. Leaving off Metro Alexeyevskaya. Old losers only please.

A food and crafts fair at Old Believers village (metro Aviamotornaya) Sunday, May 19 2013

Internal sources promise it will be a big even worth visiting. The formal reason for festivities is the story of women who came to the cave early Sunday with a few bottles of myrrh (oil) to anoint the body but found the grave empty, ran home screaming, which got things rolling. I’m likely to be there and if so I’m available as a volunteer translator, and those who can bear my opinionated style will get an overview of who Old Believers are and what all this fuss around them, and their place and role in the structure of Russian society.


Concert today at 7pm in benefit of Russian political prisoners

Singer Alexey Paperny, essayist/poet Dimitry Bykov, and Shenderovich, a writer described as “satirical”. Mir Concert Hall, Tvetnoy Boulevard 11. Right by the Old Circus.

I’m probably going. Company welcomed. I’ll be offline soon but my number is +7 985 217 3241.

Bykov, in my opinion, is the one destined to become a classic for capturing zeitgeist in its totality. Let me know if you see any of Bykov in English translation. I would especially recommend his Zh/D to anyone looking for the core formula of Russian-ness. Shenderovish is one of these “Russian comics” that use humour to package and fortify their message that’s anything but funny. Paperny is somehow associated with the fashionable and slightly alternative club scene. 

Soviet Civilization: A Cultural History by Andrei Sinyavsky

Just arrived. My first-ever attempt to order from That was easy. After I go through it myself to see how same things are said in English I’ll probably leave it in my Moscow apartment on the same shelf as Stewart Miller’s Painted in Blood: Understanding Europeans, Rancour-Laferriere’s tedious Slave Soul of Russia, humorous Molvania: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry by Cilauro &Co, Leaving Katya by Paul Greenberg who actually stayed here years ago, Brodsky’s Less than One and a few other books that attempt to get to the core of things and expose the algorithm that makes Russia what it is. There is a kind of mind that is comfortable with numerous manifestations. It’s owner would prefer how-to instructions to an explanation how things work. No, this selection is for someone who opts for general principles. Someone who is sort of lazy and tries to reduce the infinite number of facts to an idea or a formula. The above selection if for that type of person.


Tolstoy Museum on Pyatnitskaya

tolstoy_museum_pyatnitskayaPyatnitskaya 12, the main drag of Zamoskvorechye. Although called “museum” this place is more of a low-key cultural center. Painting and drawings, usually from the Tolstoy era, are regularly exhibited there, and small semi-private music events. It is one of many small hubs of “cultural” activity scattered around but not usually mentioned in guide books. Go to the Tolstoy Museum page and scroll down for photos of what’s inside. Steps from my apartment that you can rent at a very reasonable rate.